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Save the date! Joint FEIF Education & Youth Seminar

The next FEIF trainer seminar will take place 13-15 November 2015 in Switzerland.

Newsletter 2 - World Championships 2015

Major events bring huge numbers of people together and create enormous challenges for organisers.

Characteristics of the ideal leisure horse

The results of the survey on characteristics of Icelandic horses for leisure riding were finally communicated.

WorldRanking Events 2015

A total of 85 WorldRanking events have been registered in 11 countries.

FIPO 2015 and FIZO 2015

The 2015 "Rules for Sport Events" and the "Rules for Icelandic Horse Breeding" are now available for download.

Conference Minutes 2015

The minutes of the annual meetings of breeding, chairpersons, education, sport and youthwork are now published on the FEIF...

World Championships Video

The newest World Championships video has been launched! Six nordic riders on their way to Herning - representing the members...

FEIF Youth Committee launches an international video competition

Young people of up to 21 years old are invited to participate in a team video competition.

FEIF Ringmaster Meeting 2015 - APRIL 13-14

Experienced ringmasters and breeding judges are invited to participate in the 2nd FEIF Ringmaster...

Annual Leisure Riding Meeting 2015

This year's meeting was quite well visited and it was clear, that leisure riding is becoming part of the national...

Einar Öder Magnusson

Einar Öder Magnusson passed away on February 16 - a great horseman, member of the FEIF Arbitration Council for many years,...

Breeding Horse Trainer Seminar 2015

The 5th seminar that will take place April 7-10, 2015 on the Icelandic horse breeding farm Skeidvellir,Hella, Iceland.

World Championships magazine

You can now download and read the large World Championships Magazine filled with exciting articles about and around the...

Annual Education Meeting 2015

The education department has had a successful meeting with very positive, productive discussions and intensive exchange of...

Annual Breeding Meeting 2015

The Annual Breeding Leader meeting discussed a wide range of topics in a very constructive and harmonious atmosphere.

Annual YouthWork Meeting 2015

12 people attended the meetings on Youth work, and the working atmosphere was very friendly and productive.

Annual Sport Meeting 2015

The Annual Sport Meeting covered a range of different topics including recommendations on various changes to FIPO,...

Annual Chairperson Meeting 2015

The chairpersons had a very good and productive meeting, discussing items like the report about the last year from the Board...

Volunteers, Sponsors, and Press at the World Championships

Now is the perfect time to get more directly involved in the 2015 World Championships in Herning, Denmark.

FEIF Structure - Board, Committees and Working Groups

Do you know how the FEIF system works? Do you know which committees and working groups FEIF has? The structure is described...

Marketing Efforts for the Icelandic Horse

The participants of the FEIF Conference 2015 had the possibility to listen to a very interesting presentation of Charlotte...

FEIF Award - Youth Country of the Year 2014

The FEIF Award Youth Country of 2014 went to Finland - congratulations! The panel of judges were unanimous in their decision...

Delegates' Assembly 2015

Delegates and guests from 12 FEIF member countries participated in the Delegates' Assembly 2015, February 6th 2015 in...

Joint decision of breeding and sport departments

The annual meeting of the national Sport Leaders and of the national Breeding Leaders of the FEIF member countries agreed...

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