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Updated IceTest for Gæðingakeppni

IceTest has been updated to support the current gæðingakeppni rules.

WorldRanking: Herbstturnier in Biel-Benken (CH) cancelled

The WorldRanking Event Herbstturnier, scheduled 3-4 October 2015, organised by IG ISI Nordwestschweiz in Biel-Benken (CH)...

WorldRanking: St Bededagsstævne in Herning (DK) cancelled

The WorldRanking Event St Bededagsstævne, scheduled 1-3 May 2015, organised by Bededag in Herning (DK) has been cancelled.

Tickets for the World Championships 2015

The possibility to buy tickets for the World Championships has been temporarily suspended, online booking and payment will...

FEIF Breeding Horse Trainer seminar 2015

The 5th FEIF seminar for breeding horse trainers at Skeiðvellir, Iceland, took place with a group of 23 very talented riders...

Watch the new World Championships 2015 ad!

Do you also love Icelandic nature, a beautiful black stallion, and a great beat?
The talented musician Stony from...

New FEIF International Breeding Judges

Congratulations to the new FEIF International Breeding Judges who successfully passed the test 2015 in Hólar, Iceland.

Update Virtual Ride 'From here to Herning'

They say you can prove anything with numbers, and in the FEIF world, too, statistics suggest surprising stories.

Guidelines and Timer Apps Updated

The Sport Judges Guidelines and FIPO Timer apps have been updated on the Apple Store.

Young Horse Evaluation App Updated

A new version of the app is available on the Apple App store.

New members FEIF Sport Judges Committee

Two new members have been elected to the FEIF Sport Judges Committee.

Classification of breeding horses

A survey in the FEIF Member Countries on classification of breeding horses showed that the criteria for approval of...

Colour correction in WorldFengur

When a passport had been issued in WorldFengur it was not possible to change the colour of the horse in question.

World Championships Tickets Selling Out Fast

The tickets for the World Championships are selling out fast.

Successful Sport Judges Seminar

The World Championship judges met in Malmö to prepare for the main event of 2015.

Now it is fun to teach WorldFengur your language!

The latest feature in WorldFengur is a fun way to translate WorldFengur to your language.

World Championships registrations

18 countries registered to participate in the World Championships 2015 in Herning by nominating team leaders for sport and...

FIPO rules 2015 available for IceTest

A new set of FIPO rules is available for users of IceTest.

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