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Preparations for the World Championships 2015

Everyone is busy preparing for the VM2015 in Herning this summer.

FEIF YouthCamp 2015

The 16th FEIF YouthCamp will be hosted by Germany and will take place at Reitschule Berger in Bestwig-Berlar, about 150 km...

Great Interest in the Open Breeders' Meeting

Around sixty participants from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria and Switzerland found their way to the House of...

Breeding Judges for World Championships 2015 Selected
The FEIF Breeding Committee and Breeding Judges Committee agreed on the breeding judge panel for the World Championships...

Ride to Herning - so far
111 riders from 12 countries on their 'virtual' way way to Herning - together they have already ridden 6543 km, which is not...

International Breeding Judges Seminar and Test
The International Breeding Judges' Seminar will be organised from March 27 to March 31, 2015 at the Hólar University...

World Championships 2017 Logo Unveiled

The Organizing Committee for the World Championships 2017 (Oirschot, NL) have released their logo.

New breeding leader in Iceland
Þorvaldur Kristjánsson, researcher, FEIF international breeding judge and member of the FEIF Breeding Judges Committee since...

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