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Equipment Rumors

A number of rumors are circulating on the Internet regarding decisions that have or have not been taken by FEIF.

Ride to Herning - end of month

We are delighted to welcome the growing number of riders who have joined the (virtual) ride From here to Herning

Can you hear the beat?

Until February 28 tickets are available at a special early-booking prize and you can book tickets for the preferable section...

Virtual ride 'From here to Herning' gathers momentum
The first tickets are on sale for the 2015 World Championships in Denmark - and the first riders have hit the road to ride...

EHN newsletter November 2014

The Board of the European Horse Network (EHN) already started preparations for the next Horse Group lunch with Members of...

FEIF questionnaire complete
Every year FEIF asks all member countries to complete a questionnaire about the Icelandic horse world in their country.

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